Much more than an architecture studio – together with the investor from initial idea to final realisation

Great architecture begins with imagination that helps us to see things that others don’t. To feel spaces that haven’t been created yet. Great architecture ends in such a way that it transforms a vision into reality.

We would like you to have a glimpse of your future story, that’s why we have joined the stories of first Slovenian lifestyle showroom and architect bureau. At our place you will be able to feel the structure of materials, the shades of colours, and to get the visual idea of your future interior design. In the showroom we devote special attention to natural materials and Slovenian partners, who create for a high culture of living. Magnet design is a space of Slovenian creativity and domestic production knowledge.

Our mission is to create timeless, sustainable and aesthetically accomplished spaces, which are going to inspire you and support you at what you do and what you are. We believe that the whole is worth much more than an individual part, and therefore we strive to project the whole process from obtaining permissions to turnkey production.

Magnet Design