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Sometimes it is difficult to decide only on the basis of plans and images, therefore we invite you to the first Slovenian lifestyle showroom in Ljubljana on Masarykova street 14, or in Belgrade on Golsvordi Street 36, where we will be glad to consult you in equipping your premises on the basis of displayed sample elements.
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Each project is a story for itself as far as the context, location and users are concerned. We are inviting you to share your wishes with us, and we will safely guide you through the project — from the obtaining of papers to the final performance.
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We are offering the opening of a franchise to our selected partners. In the package you get a catalogue of the programme (the padded furniture KLUN ambienti, Giroflex, intra lighting…), introduction into the KNOW-HOW, the construction of CGP, education and programme support.
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If you support innovations and global marketing like us, we are inviting you to present yourself, and we will take a look if there is a possibility for you to join us as a partner in the development oriented projects.

Magnet design d.o.o.
Masarykova 14
1000 Ljubljana